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$ 70 /mo
    Viasat offers both home and business internet connections, as well as connectivity solutions for airline passengers, specialized cybersecurity protection and military communications. The company has been around for over three decades and operates from 28 offices around the globe. For residential users, Viasat is particularly helpful for bringing high-speed satellite internet service to homes in rural areas, where cable internet is often not available. It also has bundled offers that include DIRECTV and home phone service options. While Viasat is available nearly everywhere in the U.S., applicable plans depend on the particular satellite that services your area. For instance, users in Montana can choose download speeds between 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps in packages that range from $70 to $200 per month.

    What You Need to Know

    Plans start at


    Viasat Internet Speeds

    • from 12 Mbps
    • Up to 100 Mbps

    Internet offers vary by location

    Viasat Internet Availabilty

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    • contract image 24 Months

    All Viasat Products

    • internet
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    Internet Packages

    Viasat Internet 12 - 100 MBPS

    Plans Include

    • Two-year price lock guarantee
    • Unlimited data

    Plans starting at
    $ 70 /mo for months

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    Viasat internet packages

    Viasat offers a variety of different internet packages depending on your location. Most packages require a 24-month commitment unless a “no long-term contract option” is selected. If the user decides not to sign the two-year contract, a $300 up-front charge is levied before service begins. The charge gives the user the option to walk away without early termination fees, but it is non-refundable, whether it is used or not.

    Unlimited Bronze 12

    With Viasat’s introductory plan, users get an unlimited data package. However, download speeds cap at 12 Mbps and those speeds may slow down after 40 GB of high-speed data is used. That threshold would be reached very quickly for any household relying on using the internet for more than casual web surfing.

    While 12 Mbps is quicker than the average gaming console’s minimum recommended download speed of 3 Mbps, any gamer knows you’re likely to suffer lag at 12 Mbps, making it tough to compete with other online players, and may put you out of the game.

    Viasat also tiers the video streaming quality that comes with each of their plans. With the Unlimited Bronze 12 plan, video streams at a lower resolution (360p), meaning it’s best viewed on smaller screens, such as phones or tablets. Therefore, this plan is not the best option for those looking to stream their favorite TV shows or movies on a larger screen.

    Unlimited Silver 25

    The package price for the Unlimited Silver 25 plan jumps higher per month, but the download speeds available jump with it. At 25 Mbps, gamers should keep pace online, and speeds shouldn’t slow until a 60 GB threshold is met. However, Viasat still recommends this package for households of only one to three people.

    Also, with the Unlimited Silver 25 package, the streaming video quality increases to a resolution of 480p, providing a DVD-quality picture that’s suitable for phones, tablets, laptops and small TV screens.

    Unlimited Gold 50

    Unlimited Gold 50 subscribers enjoy the highest streaming video quality available (720p resolution), which is HD-ready and suitable for most screen sizes. This plan comes with download speeds of 50 Mbps, and these speeds shouldn’t slow until 100 GB of high-speed data is used.

    Gamers and streamers alike should fair well with these speeds, and the data threshold is high enough to sustain a family of one to four people through the month.

    Unlimited Platinum 100

    The Unlimited Platinum 100 plan is the best option for those hoping to watch their TV shows and movies in 1080p full-HD. With download speeds of 100 Mbps, lag and loading times should be all but non-existent. And Platinum users can enjoy these high speeds until they’ve used 150 GB of high-speed data in the month.

    This plan is recommended for households with one to five (or more) users.

    *Note: These plans are available to users from zip codes in Utah and Montana. Other areas may be subject to different pricing and plan availability.

    Pros and cons of Viasat

    Advantages of using Viasat


    • Speed
    • No contract option available (with a $300 fee)
    • Available almost everywhere in the U.S., including rural and remote areas
    • Four levels of service to choose from
    • Unlimited data for all packages


    Disadvantages of using Viasat


    • Speeds slow after relatively low high-speed data thresholds are met on lower-tier packages
    • Video streaming quality is limited on lower-tier packages
    • No email or other perks included in packages

    Included Features

    Unlimited data

    There's no limit to the amount of data you can use each month, though, depending on your plan, your data usage can affect your internet speeds.

    Built-in WiFi

    Viasat modems provided with all plans include a built-in wireless router, eliminating the need for a separate router.

    Price lock

    All plans include a locked-in price for two years.

    No long-term contract option

    Allows users to opt out of the standard 24-month service commitment by paying a non-refundable $300 upfront fee.

    Viasat In your area

    While some internet providers only offer service in certain areas, Viasat operates throughout the United States and beyond. Services offered may vary by state, but internet is available in every state through Viasat. In fact, Viasat specializes in offering service options to those living in rural or remote areas who often have trouble getting fast internet connections.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Viasat’s internet packages range in availability and price, depending on where service is required. However, common packages start at $70 per month.

    Viasat’s satellite internet services are widely available in each U.S. state. Availability does depend on where the service is required. Check availability in your area by entering your zip code into our search tool.

    Viasat does not offer email addresses with its internet packages. Instead, Viasat recommends using Google’s free Gmail account services.

    Even Viasat’s lowest-tier packages offer speeds high enough to meet most gaming consoles’ 3 Mbps minimum download speed requirements. However, the FCC estimates for moderate use, including online gaming, speeds of at least 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps may be required. Online gamers may need to subscribe to a Viasat internet package that includes faster download speeds, like the Unlimited Silver 25, (or above) in order to reduce lag time in online gaming.

    Viasat does not recommend its services to replace satellite television services. However, both the Unlimited Gold 50 and Unlimited Platinum 100 plans offer sufficient high-speed data thresholds and streaming quality for streaming some television and movies. For instance, the Unlimited Gold 50 is estimated to provide 48 hours of streaming per month at a resolution (720p) that's HD-ready and suitable for most screen sizes.