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    RCN is one of the leading cable and fiber internet providers in the country covering large metropolitan areas such as Boston, Chicago, DC Metro, Lehigh Valley, New York and Philadelphia. The provider is best known for offering fast internet speeds at reasonable prices. RCN internet plans offer speeds that start from 10 Mbps and go up to 500 Mbps. The company also provides fiber plans that deliver lightning-fast download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. With low upfront fees and no-contract plans, RCN internet is one of the popular choices for those who do not want to get into long-term contracts and expect fast internet speeds without spending a fortune.

    What You Need to Know

    Plans start at


    RCN Internet Internet Speeds

    • from 50 Mbps
    • Up to 940 Mbps

    Internet offers vary by location

    RCN Internet Internet Availabilty

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    All RCN Internet Products

    • internet
    • cable
    • phone

    Internet Packages

    RCN Internet Internet 50 - 940 MBPS

    Plans Include

    • Unlimited data
    • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service

    Plans starting at
    $ 19.99 /mo for months

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    RCN Internet packages

    Learn more about the internet plans offered by RCN. Note the plan pricing may vary depending on the city you live in.

    10 Mbps Internet

    If you’re living in Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia, PA, RCN offers 10 Mbps internet packages in these areas. This plan features download speeds of up to 10 Mbps at $19.99 per month (12-month pricing). The package is ideal if your internet activities are limited to basic web surfing and email. In addition to no contract requirements, RCN does not charge any early termination fees if you wish to discontinue the services in advance of the 12-month duration.

    50 Mbps Internet

    The 50 Mbps Internet plan from RCN is best suited for web surfing, social media and video streaming on one to two devices. The package offers internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps and will cost you $24.99 per month. You also get a webmail account with 5 GB of storage space with this plan.

    100 Mbps Internet

    At $29.99 per month, RCN offers its 100 Mbps Internet plan, which gives you download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is enough to make video calls, watch videos and browse social media on two to three devices. In addition to no-contract requirements, you’ll also get access to an RCN webmail account with a storage space of 5 GB with this plan.

    250 Mbps Internet

    If you need an internet connection that allows you to stream high-definition (HD) movies on multiple devices without any buffers, the 250 Mbps internet plan from RCN is a good option. The package gives you download speeds of up to 250 Mbps for $39.99 per month. Similar to other plans, you will also get access to a webmail account with calendar and contact management apps.

    330 Mbps Internet

    Get download speeds of up to 330 Mbps, and enjoy a glitch-free experience while streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, or play online games and music on multiple devices with this RCN internet plan. At $34.99 per month, the 330 Mbps Internet plan offers a lot of value for your money. However, this package is only available in the Washington D.C. metro area.

    500 Mbps Internet

    With download speeds of up to 500 Mbps, this internet plan from RCN lets you stream HD-quality videos, play online games or make video calls without any glitches. The 500 Mbps Internet plan is available in Boston, Chicago and New York, with pricing varying between $34.99 and $49.99 per month.

    Gig Internet

    The Gig Internet plan from RCN is ideal for your entire home. Connect multiple devices or operate your smart home network seamlessly with blazing-fast download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. The Gig Internet plan starts from $49.99 per month, but the pricing varies depending on the city you live in.

    Pros & cons of RCN

    Some advantages of choosing RCN as your internet provider include:

    • Good range of internet plans
    • Competitive package prices
    • No contract required
    • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service
    • Unlimited data

    Some disadvantages of choosing RCN include:

    • Limited service area
    • Not all speeds available in every area
    • Installation fee of $49.99

    Read our RCN reviews for more information before deciding if it’s right for you. 

    Included Features

    Free webmail account

    All plans come with a free, feature-rich webmail account with 5 GB of storage space for your email messaging requirements.

    24/7 customer support

    The company provides its customers with U.S.-based 24/7 customer support.

    30-day money-back guarantee

    New customers can receive a full refund of their first month's service fees if they're not satisfied with the service within 30 days after installation.

    On-time guarantee

    As part of their customer pledge, if they are not on time for an appointment, the customer receives a $20 credit toward their account.

    RCN Internet In your area

    RCN Internet is available in six major metropolitan cities in the country. Note that internet availability also varies in each city and is available only in specific locations. Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Lehigh Valley, PA, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA and Washington D.C.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    RCN Internet plans cost anywhere between $19.99 to $59.99 per month, offering download speeds that range from 10 Mbps and go up to 940 Mbps.

    RCN internet is available in six major U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. The internet availability in each of the cities also varies and is available in specific locations only.

    RCN has a fiber internet plan called Gig Internet, which provides download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. However, the fiber plan is available only in select areas of Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

    RCN offers several internet packages with fast speeds at affordable prices, which makes it an excellent choice over many competing internet service providers in the country. In 2019, PCMag ranked RCN as the top ISP in customer service and tech support.

    RCN internet plans do not have data caps. It means you will receive the same internet speeds for which you paid for throughout the month, no matter how much data your devices consume.

    Although RCN plans are available with 12-month pricing, you can cancel the service anytime. The company does not charge an early termination fee.