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Internet providers in South Carolina

Setting up your home or business can be an exciting but stressful situation. There comes a time when you need to establish your internet connection as a necessity. You might be on the lookout for an internet provider in South Carolina who can beat what you’re currently getting. Choosing an internet service provider (ISP) can be downright frustrating and you could find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of Google searches. 

South Carolinians have a brilliant selection of ISPs to choose from. Over 70 percent of the population has access to the internet, making South Carolina a well-connected state. If you’re on the hunt to find “the one,” then you will need to compare speeds, bang for your buck, availability and the best customer service. Too tall an order? Let us help you. Your available internet speed depends on the type of connection that you’ve got and the area in which you live. It is also affected by usage and the number of computers connected to that specific line. There’s a wide variety of connection types that residents can choose from, such as cable, DSL, satellite and fiber. 

The most popular internet providers in South Carolina include CenturyLink, EarthLink, AT&T, Windstream (DSL), HughesNet (satellite), Cox, Xfinity and Spectrum (cable).

Our Top Internet Providers

CenturyLink Internet 12 - 940 MBPS

Plans Include

  • "Price for Life" offer on most Fiber plans
  • Free installation for Fiber Gigabit customers

Plans starting at
$ 49 /mo for months

Call to Order 1-833-785-7603

Cox Internet 10 - 940 MBPS

Plans Include

  • No-contract options available
  • Panoramic WiFi app

Plans starting at
$ 29.99 /mo for 12 months

HughesNet Internet 25 - 25 MBPS

Plans Include

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Free standard installation

Plans starting at
$ 49.99 /mo for 6 months

Compare South Carolina internet providers

Here's a helpful table you can use to compare your different options:

ProviderType of internetSpeedsStarting package price
AT&T logoHigh-Speed Internet1 - 1,000 MBPS$49.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
CenturyLink logoFiber Internet12 - 940 MBPS$49/mo for months
Cox logoHigh-Speed Internet10 - 940 MBPS$29.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
HughesNet logoSatellite25 - 25 MBPS$49.99/mo for 6 monthsView deals
Spectrum logoCable internet100 - 940 MBPS$44.99/mo for 12 months
Windstream logoDSL and Fiber10 - 1,000 MBPS$26/mo for 12 months
Xfinity logoCable Internet15 - 2,000 MBPS$29.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals

With so many ISPs to choose from, let’s take a look at the top three choices and what makes them stand out from the crowd. 


CenturyLink offers both DSL and fiber internet plans throughout South Carolina. They offer Price for Life Internet for up to 100 Mbps for $49 per month. CenturyLink is known among their customers to be reliable and stable in their service. They offer a Fiber Gigabit Internet network, and you can have access to speeds up to 940 Mbps from $65 per month (this speed is available to certain areas only). CenturyLink does not currently charge customers a fee for excessive data usage.


Cox is an excellently rated cable internet provider with the third-largest cable network in the United States. Internet prices start at $29.99 per month for 10 Mbps and go up to $99.99 per month for 940 Mbps download speed. The most popular option is the Cox Internet Preferred 150 Plan for $59.99 per month. Cox offers 650,000 WiFi hotspots around the country, helping you to stay connected as you travel. 


HughesNet is America’s number one choice for a satellite connection. HughesNet offers 25 Mbps with every plan, allowing your home and office to operate at its maximum potential. All their plans include free standard installation, built-in WiFi and no hard data limits. Their plans are flexible and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. During their Bonus Zone off-peak times (2 am – 8 am), you get 50 Gbps of additional data to use per month.

Best internet speeds in South Carolina

Most South Carolinians have access to one gigabit of broadband. A simple speed test will allow you to see how many Mbps (Megabits per second) your internet functions at.  Looking for fast internet in South Carolina? Here are the top five fastest ISPs:

  • AT&T Fiber: Choose a plan that suits your home with the Internet 100, Internet 300 and Internet 1000 plans. Internet 1000 is their fastest fiber-speed plan with a 1 Gbps connection and unlimited home internet data for between $70-$90 per month. They have no installation costs with this plan and if you order it online, then you will receive a $50 gift card to use online, in stores and at restaurants. You can purchase unlimited data allowance for an additional $30 per month, but if you choose to go with their TV and internet bundles, then you will be eligible to receive Unlimited Internet data ($30 value) for free.
  • EarthLinkThey offer fiber internet access to more than 78.5 million households, more than any other service provider. You can get up to 1 Gbps speeds without any throttling or data caps. Prices vary depending on your location.
  • Kinetic by Windstream: They offer 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1 Gig internet speeds. They have no data caps and no coverage charges. View their fiber coverage online for your area in South Carolina. To find out the prices, enter your zip code and address to shop online. Kinetic prioritizes cybersecurity and offers security products to protect your family from hackers, unhealthy content and the like. 
  • Spectrum: Their speed bundles are from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. You will also be given a free modem; your data usage will never be capped and Spectrum gives their clients free antivirus software. Spectrum may buy you out of your contract with another provider for up to $500. 
  • Xfinity: They will connect you to the fastest 2 Gbps internet for $299.95 per month. This Gigabit Pro Internet option is suitable for unlimited devices, multiplayer gaming, fast streaming and downloading of large files. Actual speeds can vary for your zip code, so contact them to find out what they offer in your area. 

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