Internet providers in Fresno, California

Compare internet providers in Fresno by speeds, pricing and availability to find the best one for you.

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Internet providers in Fresno, California

California is a well-connected state, with 73 percent of Fresno residents having access to internet technologies. Large internet service providers in the US remain a common option, with the likes of AT&T, CenturyLink, Earthlink, HughesNet, Xfinity, Spectrum and Viasat offering near, if not complete, coverage. 

With the major providers mentioned below, you can find exactly what you need for your household needs. From general connectivity and streaming to downloading and gaming, there is something for everyone.

We’ve put together a convenient table for you to compare providers of internet service in Fresno by type of internet, speed and starting package price:

Our Top Internet Providers

AT&T Internet 1 - 1,000 MBPS

Plans Include

  • Free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country
  • Monitor WiFi with Smart Home Manager

Plans starting at
$ 49.99 /mo for 12 months

Viasat Internet 12 - 100 MBPS

Plans Include

  • Two-year price lock guarantee
  • Unlimited data

Plans starting at
$ 70 /mo for months

Call to Order 1-833-785-7603

Xfinity Internet 15 - 2,000 MBPS

Plans Include

  • No-contract options available
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Plans starting at
$ 29.99 /mo for 12 months

Compare Fresno internet providers

ProviderType of internetSpeedsStarting package price
AT&T logoHigh-Speed Internet1 - 1,000 MBPS$49.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
Viasat logoSatellite12 - 100 MBPS$70/mo for months
Xfinity logoCable Internet15 - 2,000 MBPS$29.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
Spectrum logoCable internet100 - 940 MBPS$44.99/mo for 12 months

If you’re looking for fast internet in Fresno, here are some great options to consider.


AT&T Fiber:

AT&T offers from 100 to 1,000 Mbps and imposes no additional installation costs for their highest package. AT&T also gives its clients six months of Spotify Premium and Roku Streaming Stick for free when you order internet. The top package is priced from $70 per month for a 1 Gbps connection. 



This company is the largest DSL provider in the United States. They also offer fiber internet access to more than 78.5 million households, more than any other service provider. Their fiber connection offers speed up to 1 Gbps. Prices are unique to your area and contacting them is the best way to find out what deals they have available for you. 


Their speed bundles are from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. You will also be given a free modem; your data usage will never be capped and Spectrum gives their clients free antivirus software. Spectrum may buy you out of your contract with another provider for up to $500. 



They offer cable internet access in Fresno up to 2 Gbps. Their 24/7 customer support makes it convenient for anyone to send an inquiry at any hour. Their 100 Mbps internet bundle is $39.99 per month, which is a great speed for five home devices. For remarkable speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps, you can pay $299.95 per month, perfect for unlimited devices, gaming, streaming

Best internet speeds in Fresno

There are multiple service providers in Fresno. You'll have to sift through a lot of information if you're on the hunt for good internet connectivity. Here are our top three choices when it comes to internet providers in Fresno.

AT&T Internet

AT&T offers DSL internet connections. They offer coverage around the country and in California. You can simply get the internet connection or bundle the deal with many of their other offers, such as TV or home phone. Plans start at 10 Mbps for $50 per month, which is good for multi-device households, social networking, downloading music and video streaming.

Viasat (Exede)

Viasat (Exede) is the second-largest satellite provider in the United States. For a starting price of $50 per month, you can get a decent speed of 12 Mbps, or you can pay a starting price of $100 per month for 50 Mbps. Their outstanding service offers a two-year price lock that guarantees that your bill won't increase for two years. Viasat offers multiple service areas near Fresno for your convenience. 


Xfinity by Comcast is the largest cable provider in the US. Their prices start at an affordable $39.99 per month for 60 Mbps and go up to $149.99 per month for up to 1,000 Mbps. They offer special deals for students and members of the military. Xfinity makes it easy for you to find the best deal for your home by offering an online quiz to help you to decide on the best bundle to suit your needs.

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