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This page compares internet providers in California by speeds, pricing and availability to help you find the best provider for your needs.

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Internet providers in California

Home to spectacular beaches and massive forests, California is also a “land of opportunity.” Tech giants including Apple, Facebook and Google are based in California. The state serves as a hub for the country’s innovative technology companies and has 40 internet service providers, including AT&T, Cox, Frontier, Spectrum and Xfinity. Californians can choose internet plans as low as $20 per month, with cable, DSL, satellite and fiber connection options.

California providers deliver an average download speed of 25Mbps. Fiber plans offer speeds of up to 1000Mbps. However, available internet speeds depend on location, types of available connections and plan. This guide provides information about the top internet service providers (ISPs) in California and the types of plans they offer.

Our Top Internet Providers

Below are the top three internet providers in California. Keep reading to learn about unique offerings from each company.

AT&T Internet 1 - 1,000 MBPS

Plans Include

  • Free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country
  • Monitor WiFi with Smart Home Manager

Plans starting at
$ 49.99 /mo for 12 months

Cox Internet 10 - 940 MBPS

Plans Include

  • No-contract options available
  • Panoramic WiFi app

Plans starting at
$ 29.99 /mo for 12 months

Xfinity Internet 15 - 2,000 MBPS

Plans Include

  • No-contract options available
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Plans starting at
$ 29.99 /mo for 12 months

Compare internet providers in California

With so many ISPs offering various internet packages, selecting the best plan for your data needs requires research. To simplify your search, we've compiled a list of top internet providers in California and each provider's available plans.

ProviderType of internetSpeedsStarting package price
AT&T logoHigh-Speed Internet1 - 1,000 MBPS$49.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
Cox logoHigh-Speed Internet10 - 940 MBPS$29.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals
Xfinity logoCable Internet15 - 2,000 MBPS$29.99/mo for 12 monthsView deals

AT&T Internet

With reliable and fast internet services, AT&T tops the list of best internet providers in California. The company delivers DSL and fiber connections, with affordable plans starting at $50 per month for 100Mbps download speeds. The 2019 ACSI Telecommunications Report ranked AT&T second in overall customer satisfaction.
The company’s fiber plan costs $70 per month and delivers lightning-fast download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. Customers who need TV or phone services can also benefit from AT&T’s bundle options.


Cox maintains wide coverage in California and is known for offering consistent internet speeds throughout the state. The company offers cable and fiber internet plans to suit various data requirements. Plans start at $19.99 per month for 10Mbps of download speed. Customers can receive speeds of up to 940Mbps for $99.99 per month.
Cox customers have access to more than 650,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. In addition, you can bundle Cox’s TV and phone services, with packages starting at $89.99 per month.


Recognized as “America’s best internet provider” by OOKLA in 2018, Xfinity is the country’s largest cable internet service provider. Xfinity offers a variety of fast and reliable cable and fiber internet plans. The basic internet plan costs $34.99 per month and includes download speeds of up to 75Mbps. Xfinity’s fiber plan delivers faster speeds for multiple devices. The fiber plan costs $70 per month for speeds as fast as 1,000Mbps.
Xfinity service includes access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, and all Xfinity plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company helps customers save money with bundle plans that include TV service and phone service with unlimited national calling.

Best internet speeds in California

Below are the internet service providers that offer the best speeds in California.

  • AT&T's internet 1,000 fiber plan costs $70 per month and includes blazing-fast download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps.
  • Cox offers a fiber plan, Gigablast, that offers 1,000Mbps of download speeds and costs $99.99 per month.
  • Google Fiber - At $70 per month, the Google Fiber 1,000Mbps plan is a great deal.
  • Suddenlink - The Internet 1Gbps fiber plan from Suddenlink costs $84.99 per month and offers speeds as fast as 1,000Mbps.
  • Xfinity's Gigabit Pro plan delivers the fastest download speeds available, up to 2Gbps. However, the plan costs $299.95 per month, in addition to $1,000 for installation and activation fees.

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Call now for internet deals in California

One of the best ways to save on internet bills is to calculate the actual internet speed you require. Starter plans with speeds of about 10Mbps can support basic surfing and email usage. If your household needs a connection for HD video streaming or online gaming, you'll likely need faster speeds. Before choosing a plan, research available offers. Contact to learn about the best internet deals in California.

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