Internet discount for veterans and military

Providing an internet discount for veterans and military servicemen and women highlights how businesses are committed to the support of our service members. By offering active-duty personnel, veterans and their families discounts, promotions, deals and perks, internet companies are helping ensure they have the opportunity to enjoy the internet in their homes. 

Veteran discount for internet

Many well-known and smaller internet service providers offer discounts to U.S. active duty and military veterans, national guard and reservists. The table shows an at-a-glance overview of these programs, eligibility requirements and price. 

Internet ProviderPlan NameEligibilitySpeedStarting Price
Verizon Fios by VerizonMust verify their military service online using a simple eligibility formUp to 940 Mbps $5.00 off / mo. internet only. Also offers bundled packages.
AT&TAT & T Unlimited StarterMust show Veterans designated driver’s license. Veteran ID Card (VIC)or VetRewards CardUp to 13.9 Mbps$15 off per month for select AT&T Internet services.
XfinityXfinity Internet EssentialsVerify military statusUp to 15 Mbps$100 prepaid Visa card and a $25 Xfinity coupon.  
FrontierFrontier Internet basic–Govt. Lifeline programVerify active military, veteran or national guard statusUp to 6 Mbps$10.74/mo. + $200 Visa Reward Card with any new internet plan
RCNRCN Govt. Lifeline programVerify active military, veteran status-Military ID card Up to 50 Mbps$20.74/mo.
WindstreamWindstream Govt. Lifeline ProgramVerify active military, veteran statusUp to 4 Mbps$10.74/mo.

Internet providers with veteran and military discounts

Compare each provider offering military discounts, coupons and more, side-by-side. 

Verizon military and veterans discounts

To say thank you to all U.S. military personnel, the Verizon military discount offers money off internet and bundled packages. Any military member who serves our country as a U.S. active duty and military veteran, National Guard and reservists and their families can save on the Fios military plan with military discounts. 

To be eligible, you must verify your military service online using a simple eligibility form. With the Verizon veterans discount, you get $5.00 off per month on Fios internet, $5.00 off per month on internet and TV, and $10.00 per month on TV, internet and phone bundle and speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Verizon military and veterans discount qualifications

  • You must be active duty military, military veteran, national guard or reservists. Spouse and family members living in the household also qualify.
  • Must verify military status
  • Must fill out online form (cannot qualify over the phone) 

How to apply for the Verizon military and veterans discount

To apply for the discount, follow these steps:

  • Step One:  Log on the Verizon website
  • Step Two:  Click on “Check Eligibility”
  • Step Three: Enter your name, work email address,  phone number and state of residence.
  • Step Four: Click “Submit”

If you don’t have a work email address, you will be directed to a new page where you will need to fill in the following details:

  • Step One: Fill In your company name or military branch
  • Step Two: Fill in name, email address, phone number, last four digits of SSN, and state of residence.
  • Step Three: Click “Submit”

AT&T military and veterans discounts

The AT&T military discount offers exclusive savings for military and veteran families with AT&T Unlimited Starter internet. As a military veteran, you can sign up online or in-store with your veterans designated driver’s license, veteran ID card or VetRewards card.

Spouses of deceased veterans can sign up with a Department of Defense sponsorship card at an AT&T store. AT&T military discount comes with $15 off per month for select AT&T Internet services and speeds up to 13.9 Mbps.  

AT&T military and veterans discount qualifications

  • You must be a veteran or active member of the military
  • When you sign up online, you must show your veteran designated driver’s license, veteran ID card or VetRewards card
  • In-store signup requires a Department of Defense Form DD214 indicating honorable discharge, valid retired military ID, Veteran health insurance card, current AMVETS membership card or veterans designated driver’s license. 
  • Spouses of deceased veterans are also eligible.
  • Active military personnel must present a valid ID or current pay stub.

How to apply for the AT&T military and veterans discount

  • Step One: To apply online, you must first create an account.
  • Step Two: You will need to provide a valid email
  • Step Three: Use your organization’s 8-digit Foundation Account Number (FAN) to select the correct discount program.
  • Step Four: Check your inbox for an email from AT&T with your enrollment link.
  • Step Five: Complete your enrollment online.

Xfinity Internet military and veterans discounts

Xfinity stands with the U.S. military by offering an Xfinity military discount to current Comcast members of the military community. Comcast employees are not eligible for the Comcast military discount. As a service member, you will receive a $25 Xfinity coupon, which can be used as a credit on your next bill or toward your next Xfinity On Demand rental or purchase.

If you signed an Xfinity service agreement within 90 days of your military reward application, you are also eligible to receive a special $100 Visa® prepaid card. Once you complete the process, you will receive up to 15 Mbps on Xfinity’s Internet Essentials plan. 

Xfinity military and veterans discount qualifications

  • Member of the U.S. military, active or veteran
  • Current Comcast customer

How to apply for the Xfinity military and veterans discount

  • Step One: To apply online, you must first create a Comcast account.
  • Step Two: Sign-in if you are a current Comcast customer
  • Step Three: Provide your name, a discharge or retire date, date of birth and your affiliation with the military.
  • Step Three: Verify your military service at to receive the military appreciation offer. 
  • Step Four: Complete your enrollment online or call 1-800 XFINITY

Frontier, RCN and Windstream Internet military and veterans discounts

Frontier, RCN and Windstream all offer internet discounts for military personnel through the FCC”s Lifeline program. If you participate in any state or federal assistance program and have low income, you may qualify. 

This program gives eligible subscribers a $9.25 per month discount on their monthly wired or wireless telephone service or qualifying internet access services. Keep in mind when applying that services and availability vary by state. 

Frontier, RCN and Windstream military and veterans discount qualifications

  • You or someone in your household must participate in a federal assistance program, such as veterans pension and survivors benefit, Medicaid, or federal public housing assistance.
  • You can sign up if your child or dependent participates in a federal assistance program.
  • You may be eligible if you currently belong to a federally recognized Indian tribe’s reservation.

Frontier qualifications

  • Discount applies to qualifying standalone internet access services. 
  • You do not need to have telephone service.
  • If you currently have standalone internet access, you may be able to qualify for the Lifeline discount.

RCN qualifications

  • Discount only applies to telephone service.
  • Lifeline must be renewed yearly.
  • Only one telephone line per qualified candidate.  

Windstream qualifications

  • You can only receive a discount on one option: phone or internet–not both.
  • The program is limited to one discount per household.
  • Eligible customers will receive a monthly credit on their Windstream bill.

How to apply for the Lifeline military and veterans discount through Frontier, RCN or Windstream

  • You can apply on the Lifeline National Verifier website. This includes residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. 
  • You can apply via mail at Lifeline Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742
  • You can also apply on your internet provider’s site.
    • Frontier Communications: Simply choose your state of residence to see if you qualify.
    • RCN: Discounts only apply to telephone service and do not apply to internet services with RCN.
    • Windstream: Apply online or by phone. After you have qualified for the program and receive an approval code application ID (Q#), notify Windstream to receive your discount. 

The bottom line

Active members of the military, veterans, national guard members and their families prove their love of the U.S. every day. In return, many internet providers are proving their support by offering discounts, deals, perks and promotions not available to the general public. 

The programs require that subscribers meet eligibility requirements, and most allow you to apply online or by phone, or by visiting a local retail outlet. Internet speeds vary, but most are sufficient to ensure our servicemen and women have reliable access to the internet for themselves and their families.