Best Bundle Deals for TV, Internet and Phone for 2020

If you really want to save on your TV, internet and phone, you need to look into bundle deals. By bundling, not only do you make your monthly bills easier to keep track of, but you also save money. Telecommunication companies want to be your one-stop shop for all three services, and often offer a variety of incentives for you to pick them for each. But who offers the best bundle deals for TV, internet and phone?

Here’s your guide to the best TV, internet and phone deals of 2020.

Best bundles for TV, internet and phone

The best TV, phone and internet bundles can be broken up into the following categories:

  • Comcast Xfinity: Best for budget deals
  • Mediacom’s Xtreme: Best for value
  • Spectrum: Best for internet speed
  • Verizon: Best for TV service

Best bundle deals for TV, internet and phone

BundleInternet SpeedTV ChannelsPhoneData CapsContractStarting Price
Mix & Match on Fios (Verizon)Up to 940 MbpsUp to 425Home Phone— local and long distance optionsNoneNo$109.99/mo.
AT&T Triple Play25 Mbps330+Home Phone— international options availableNone if TV and internet are bundled24 month$99.97/mo.
Frontier500 MbpsUp to 250Home Phone— local and long distance optionsNone24 month$109.99/mo.
Comcast XfinityUp to 600 Mbps219+ Unlimited nationwide calling1 TB24 month$89.99/mo.
Mediacom XtreamUp to 1,000 Mbps170+Home phone— international options availableUp to 6 TBNo$99.99/mo.
SpectrumUp to 940 Mbps200+Home phone— local and long distance optionsNone12 months$104.97/mo.
CenturyLink20 Mbps185+Unlimited Nationwide Calling1 TBNo contracts for internet$144.99/mo.
OptimumUp to 400 Mbps420+Unlimited Nationwide CallingNoneNo$69.99/mo.

TV, internet and phone bundles comparison

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Verizon: Mix & Match on Fios

Verizon is one of the best-reviewed internet providers you will come across and ranks as number one on both ACSI and J.D. Power. This is not surprising, seeing as how you can get up to 940 Mbps with no data caps. For TV, it offers a variety of TV packages and it’s possible to get up to 425 channels. Plus, you can add a home phone for only $20, and currently, when you sign up, you get a free year of Disney+.  

AT&T Triple Play

With AT&T, you can get fast internet, phone and TV for an affordable monthly price. It does have a data cap of 1024 GB, but depending on what bundle package you choose, this could be waived. When you sign up, you are signing up for a two-year contract, but at least when you do, you’re agreeing to 25 Mbps speeds, a TV package up to 330 channels and a home phone capable of doing international calling. 


Depending on where you live, you may be able to get internet speeds up to 500 Mbps with no data caps with Frontier. Plus, in addition to phone and access to 40,000 on-demand TV shows, you can also watch up to 250 live TV channels. Simply sign a two-year agreement and it can all be yours. 

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity offers a variety of package deals where you can pick and choose your internet speed, channel lineup and phone options. Currently, it’s possible to get speeds up to 600 Mbps with 219 channel options. The phone add-on is pretty impressive, too, because you get unlimited calling with up to half of the world. 

There is a two-year agreement, but for many people, this isn’t a bad thing— especially since each customer gets access to the Xfinity Stream app, which allows you to stream all of your favorite TV shows from anywhere. 

One of the downsides to Comcast is that there is a data cap of 1 TB each month. However, Comcast reports that 99% of its customers don’t use this much data. If you’re an average user, you should be fine. 

Mediacom Xtream

Mediacom offers a variety of internet packages, one of which you can get speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (keep in mind you only need 6 Mbps to stream in HD, so that’s a lot of internet.) Depending on which bundle you choose, you may have a data cap of 60 GB or 6,000 GB per month. 

The phone service is useful too, in that you can get international calling abilities depending on what package you choose. If your primary focus is TV, there are better options available, but Mediacom customers do get access to over 170 channels, which includes many popular options. 

Sign up for the Internet 100, Variety TV and Phone package, and you get a voice remote and a Tivo intelligent guide tool, which are quite convenient. 


Spectrum offers exceptional bundle packages. Whether you’re looking for speed (up to 940 Mbps) or TV (up to 200 channels), you’ll find what you’re looking for with Spectrum. It doesn’t have any data caps, and you only have to sign up for a one year contract. It could offer a stronger phone package (no mention of international options outside of Mexico and Puerto Rico), but the base package is strong. 

One unique feature with Spectrum is that it offers streaming apps through Apple TV. Therefore, you could very easily cord cut with Spectrum’s speeds and not have to worry about getting TV at all if you chose not to. 


With CenturyLink, you can get 185+ channels, unlimited nationwide calling and a data cap of up to 1 TB per month. The phone service is pretty handy, too, because you get unlimited nationwide calling each month. 

The best thing about CenturyLink is that it doesn’t have any contracts for internet and it locks in your bill for life. 


Optimum doesn’t have any data caps or contracts, but its speeds could be higher. Currently, the highest speed you can get with Optimum is 400 Mbps, but it makes up for it with phone and TV. Phone comes with unlimited nationwide calling and TV up to 420+ channels. Plus, it doesn’t have any contracts you have to worry about, and you can get a ‘price for life’ with the 400 Mbps internet plan— meaning what you pay now is what you’ll pay next year and the year after that. 

Which bundle deals for TV, internet and phone is best for you?

 To choose the best bundle deals for TV, internet and phone, determine which feature is most important to you: unlimited calling, super-fast internet or number of channels? Also, keep in mind that not all providers are available across the country. To determine which providers service your area, input your zip code using our tool. You may have a lot of options, but you may only have a few that offer the best TV, internet and phone bundles.