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DISH is a cable television company that partners with several internet providers to give its customers internet service, which is available nationwide. You can access high-speed DISH internet no matter where you live in the country. Speeds range from 5 Mbps to 940 Mbps, with choices of satellite, DSL, cable or fiber internet, depending on your location.

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Dish Network Internet Speeds

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Dish Network Internet - 940 MBPS

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  • Available anywhere
  • Bundle discounts
  • Two-year price guarantee

Plans starting at
$ 80.99 /mo for months

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DISH Internet: What you need to know

Here are a few of the essential features of DISH internet. Use the table below as a quick reference guide to what the company offers, including products, speeds, price and more.

DISH internet packages

DISH offers satellite, cable, DSL or fiber internet connections, depending on where you live. Prices for DISH internet packages can vary depending on which authorized dealer you purchase the package through.

DISH TV + Frontier Broadband Core Bundle

This package comes with 190 channels through DISH TV as well as broadband internet through Frontier Communications. Speeds go up to 6 Mbps, making this the ideal plan for light web surfing or infrequent internet use. The price is $80.99 per month and comes with a free WiFi router and a two-year price guarantee (contract required). The package features free premium channels from Showtime, STARZ and DISH Movie Pack for the first three months.

DISH TV + Frontier Broadband Ultra Bundle

For $87.99 per month, this package also comes with 190 channels, but with faster Frontier broadband internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps. This is the minimum speed for good gaming quality, so this package could work well if you want to play games or stream high-definition video. This plan requires a two-year contract, but your monthly bill can’t change during that period. It also comes with a free WiFi router and the first three months of premium movie channels for free.

DISH TV + Frontier Broadband Elite Bundle

With this package, you still get 190 channels, but your broadband internet speeds increase significantly to up to 115 Mbps. This speed is perfect for gaming or watching 4K video, along with having multiple people using the network simultaneously. The price is $97.99 per month and comes with a free WiFi router, as well as three months of free premium movie channels. Like the other packages, you’re expected to sign a two-year agreement, but your bill is locked in at that price during that time frame.

Pros & cons of DISH

Advantages of DISH

  • Choice of internet provider: The number of internet providers that serve your area depends on your location, but DISH partners with AT&T, CenturyLink, Charter Spectrum, Cox, Earthlink, Frontier Communications and HughesNet. Therefore, you may have a few to choose from when selecting your bundle plan.
  • Bundle discounts: You can save money when you bundle TV and internet. Instead of paying for them individually, you’ll get discounts when you bundle them together.
  • Single bill: If keeping track of all your different bills is a pain, bundling combines your television and internet bill into one. Therefore, paying your bills each month is that much simpler.

Disadvantages of DISH

  • Possible slower speeds: Satellite internet may not be as speedy as some other types of internet options, and it’s the option that’s most widely available. You may be able to choose another type of internet that’s available in your area to bundle through DISH, but that’s not guaranteed.
  • You must bundle: If you don’t want cable television, internet through DISH TV is probably not your best choice. To get DISH internet, you have to bundle it with a television package. If you would prefer not to do that it might make more sense to get internet service directly from an ISP of your choice.
  • Contract penalties: You have to sign a two-year contract to get the bundled price, and if you cancel your contract early, you’ll pay a fee. It will cost $20 per month for early termination for every month left on your contract.


Included Features

DISH internet has several exciting features that are worth checking out. If you're in the market for a TV and internet bundle, take a look at what DISH has to offer.

Available anywhere

You can get internet through a DISH partner no matter where you live. DISH works with several providers, including HughesNet, which offers satellite internet. Satellite internet can be accessed even in the most rural locations.

Two-year price guarantee

Your bill cannot increase during your contract term. Therefore, you know the price of your service for the next 48 months after you sign.

Smart DVR

You'll get the Hopper Duo Smart DVR for free for one television when you sign up for the $59.99 TV package (or higher). That way, you can record your favorite programs, so you never miss an episode.

Dish Network In your area

DISH availability. Although some of its internet provider partners are only accessible in certain areas, some type of DISH internet is available nationwide. The kind of internet — cable, DSL, satellite or fiber — you can get depends on where you live, but you are guaranteed access to high-speed internet through DISH. The company partners with satellite internet provider HughesNet, so even if another ISP doesn't offer service in your area, you can get satellite internet anywhere. Use our zip code tool to find DISH in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DISH TV plus internet packages start at $80.99 per month. You must sign a two-year contract, but that means DISH internet prices are locked in for the length of the term.

Yes. No matter where you live, you will have access to some kind of high-speed internet through DISH. DISH TV partners with HughesNet satellite internet, which is available nationwide.

The speeds available to you depend on where you live and what type of internet you have access to. Speeds can vary between 5 Mbps and 940 Mbps.

It can be, yes. Most of the internet connections through DISH could be fast enough for gaming without lagging. Make sure you opt for a package that comes with 25 Mbps speeds or faster.

Yes, you have to sign a 48-month contract before you can receive a DISH TV and internet bundle.