Number of Users Seeking Faster Internet Services Hits All-Time High During Pandemic

When you’re stuck inside for weeks on end, what services do you want and need most? A fast, reliable internet connection is topping many folks’ lists with all-time record search volume occurring near the pandemic’s first peak in April:

Demand for Better Internet Hits All-Time Highs

(Source) 100 represents an “all-time high.”

Fast Internet is More Important Than Ever

If several people live in your household, you’ll understand that sometimes it’s impossible for three or four devices to be streaming high-bandwidth content (HD video, gaming, etc.) on the same slow internet connection. There are so many demands on that bandwidth today, think about all of the devices now on your WiFi. Streaming video is typically the largest data hog but it is also one of the most commonly used.

People are searching Google for “faster internet” at all-time highs during the pandemic. One can assume they’re in need of additional bandwidth to power their family’s Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and World of Warcraft obsessions and they aren’t necessarily happy with their current setup.

(Source)100 represents an “all-time high.”

Limitations & Hurdles to Finding Better Internet

While your quest for faster internet for your household may be fruitful, there are some locations that just don’t have access to the same number of broadband choices. For example, rural areas don’t have multiple lines going to every home. There may only be one choice in your area or building, so you may be limited. But it never hurts to check out your options.

The good news is that fiber and other high-speed internet options are becoming more common. We hope that one day everyone will have equal access to enough broadband to power their lives.