10 Tips for Getting a Deal on Home Internet Service

internet deals

Even when finances are tight, foregoing home internet service is a sacrifice that many of us hate to consider. So much of our daily routine is handled via the web, that canceling our connections can actually cost money in the long run. With these ten tips, you can save money and keep your link to the online world.

  1. Bundle Your Services – Most cable and home phone providers offer a bundled package, which can net deep discounts on services you’re already using by combining them. If you have existing television, phone and internet service, it might be wise to consider the bundle option.
  2. Consider Alternate Providers – Often, we don’t even consider certain types of service providers; companies that specialize in mobile broadband home service can be significantly cheaper than cable or DSL connections, but are almost always comparable in speed and reliability.
  3. Choose Your Plan Carefully – While a high-speed connection is non-negotiable for many people, it isn’t always necessary to choose the highest tier package. If your usage is relatively low, you can save a considerable sum by opting for a lower level plan.
  4. Don’t Throw Away Those Mailers – Though most people toss those circulars and fliers in the trash can, they may not all be junk mail. Mailers from cable and internet providers often contain valuable promotional information or codes.
  5. Speak To A Call Center Agent – Customer service representatives often have the low-down on non-publicized plans and discount deals; explaining your circumstances and asking if there are lower-priced options available can sometimes give you access to these deals.
  6. Pay Attention to Television Commercials – It’s practically human nature to ignore television commercials; we’ve even developed technology that allows us to skip them altogether. However, there are valuable deals lurking in those advertising spots. Keep an eye on the commercials for internet service providers, and you might get information that will save your family money.
  7. Monitor Your Usage – Many service providers have usage limits; exceeding them can lead to incredibly expensive overage fees. Knowing what the limitations of your plan are and how much you’re using is imperative if you’re on a budget.
  8. Comparison Shopping – As with anything else, finding the best deal on internet service requires a bit of research. Comparing the plans and pricing options of several different providers is the best way to be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal.
  9. Factor End-of-Promotional Increases – Though promotional pricing can be attractive, it’s wise to check the fine print of an agreement before signing; some plans can increase so much at the end of the promotion that you’d be better of taking the plan with no promo.
  10. Specialized Web Sites – If you don’t currently have a connection, taking a laptop to a WiFi hotspot or visiting the local library to do some research is a must. There are specialized web sites available that offer side-by-side comparisons of many popular providers and the plans they offer.