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  • No data caps or overage charges
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About Windstream

Windstream is a leading internet service provider, serving customers in 18 states. It primarily provides fiber and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet solutions under the Kinetic brand, along with dial-up and cable connections. Its proprietary technologies have won many awards and accolades. Along with high-speed internet, the company provides solutions for voice, network security and digital TV to consumers in addition to tech solutions for enterprises. Some customers report that their download speeds are lower than advertised. However, the same customers also report that connection speeds remain consistent. Windstream's customer support is not one of its strengths, according to a 2018–2019 telecommunications report. However, Windstream provides comprehensive online troubleshooting resources for customers. The company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019 but later labeled the move as a ‘reorganizational measure’ that should not affect internet users. The company awarded a free speed upgrade to eligible customers starting in January 2019. This upgrade included hardware, wiring and setup costs.

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Plans start at


Windstream Internet Speeds

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  • Up to 1,000 Mbps

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Internet Packages

Windstream offers plans at several different speeds to suit your needs. Please note that the plans are subject to availability in your region, and pricing may vary with location. Windstream internet plans range from 10Mbps (Megabytes per second) to 1 Gbps (Gigabytes per second). There are no data caps, term contracts or overage charges. However, the company charges for installation and hardware separately.

Windstream Internet 10 - 1,000 MBPS

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  • Offers bundles with voice and TV
  • Money back guarantee on all internet plans

Plans starting at
$ 26 /mo for 12 months

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Windstream internet plans range from 10Mbps (Megabytes per second) to 1 Gbps (Gigabytes per second). There are no data caps, term contracts or overage charges. However, the company charges for installation and hardware separately.

While the Windstream network formerly focused on DSL, the company aggressively expanded their fiber network in 2019 and should continue to do so. Fiber network provides higher speeds and more bandwidth, meaning better internet performance and support for a larger number of devices on the same connection.

Nevertheless, if Windstream has yet to install a fiber network in your area, you might not be able to access these higher speed plans. In some cases, the cost of a DSL network might be higher than that of a fiber one.

Here’s a list of popular Windstream plans that you can choose from:

High-Speed Internet 25

This is the starter plan offered by Windstream and provides a DSL connection with a network speed of up to 25Mbps. Windstream internet prices for this plan start at $26 per month, ideal for basic internet browsing and video streaming.

Kinetic Internet 25

Kinetic Internet 25 is similar to the High-Speed Internet 25 plan, offering up to 25Mbps speed at $26 per month. The difference is that it uses fiber instead of DSL. Kinetic Internet 25 provides better speed and connectivity.

Kinetic 200

This plan offers customers a 200Mbps, high-speed fiber internet connection. It is suitable for multiplayer gaming and video streaming on multiple devices or for speedy downloads. The higher speeds ensure less buffering and lag. It costs $41 per month.

Kinetic 500

The 500 Mbps fiber option is available for $46 per month. It is suitable for connecting multiple devices with heavy simultaneous usage.

Kinetic Gig Internet

This plan offers a fiber connection that provides Windstream’s highest available speed of up to 1Gbps. It costs $75 per month and is ideal for heavily-connected smart homes.

For more specific package pricing for your region, refer to the company website. Month-to-month plans are also available.

Included Features

Windstream provides many features with their internet packages such as the ones below. Windstream also provides online tips and other valuable information through their community page.


Windstream offers bundles with voice and TV for every plan. These bundle plans start at $114.99 per month, covering 25Mbps internet, unlimited calling and over 50 local and national channels. Sports and premium channels cost extra.

Money back Guarantee

Windstream offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the internet plans. Customers also benefit from a free first month and various other deals from time to time.

Internet Security

You can also purchase internet security with comprehensive browsing protection and parental controls starting from $6.99. These features protect you from identity theft, malware and viruses. Some packages also offer coverage for hardware malfunction and accidental damage, while all the packages cover repairs for wiring, jacks and other equipment.

Windstream In your area

Windstream internet service is available in over 1,000 communities in 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas. If you search online for “Windstream internet service in my area,” you’ll see that Windstream specializes in internet connectivity in rural areas. This internet service is ideal for those who wish to switch up from a dial-up connection but do not want satellite internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Windstream internet packages start from $26 per month for the 25Mbps plan and go up to $75 per month for the GIG plan. An additional $35 installation fee and a $50 activation fee also apply.

Windstream internet service is currently available in 18 states. To check for availability, simply go to the company website and search for your zip code. Price and availability of different packages might change from region to region.